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3BYK (rus. "Sound") - Group of individuals producing and recording electronic music established in 1992.

Originally founded as an Amiga Scene group it was mainly oriented on producing electronic music. We are proud to once been part of Weird Design and X-Trade.


We have many interests except music, but the music still is and always will be the driving force of 3BYK.


As a project driven creative community we have many projects on the go:


Stockholm Megamix Sessions - Megamix production community Max Mix style. The project is not ours, but we actively participate in it, additionally we are hosting the official page.

RSR (Royal Squeak Recordings) - Experimental electronic madness from Sweden,

including C64 remixes run by Lord Squeak.

3BYK - The label - From minimal, hard techno to experimental electronica.

Detroit-Chicago Express - Internet Radio broadcasts featuring techno, house and electronica in all forms.


and few more....




Aside from projects, we do have hobbies and such.

Have a look at Dmitri Reyer's Photo Gallery and Blog, if you feel like it...

 News & Updates

::News:: 14/10/09

Oh Happy Days! Second update in one day? It must be winsday...

3BYK is now available on Soundcloud. We are yet to populate the profile with something useful, however.

You find us at: 3BYK @ Soundcloud . So feel free to drop by there also. This actually prompts for a new site design.....

Our Soundcloud Dropbox: Send me your track


::News:: 14/10/09

Another delayed update. Detroit-Chicago Express hosted a Sweden V Japan showdown on 13th of July at Domina/Nagoya.

Sweden represented by Dmitri Reyer and Japan by Jin & Mio (Ham Sallad), Kondoh & Chiyo (Vogue).

We have a small photo gallery of the event: Sweden V Japan @ Domina so feel free to have a look.


::News:: 07/06/09

Wow. A whole one year for a small update?

We certainly take our time, don't we?

Nevermind that, head to the 3BYKography section and grab the "latest" unlimited virtual 10' inch release. Backdated, ofcourse.



::News:: 31/05/08

3BYK is slowly settling down in Japan, and we try to resume work on the site and audio productions.

Main 3BYK info has been re-written and Artist information addition is on the way.



::News:: 29/05/08

Detroit-Chicago Express  SWE is broadcasting again after a successful HD upgrade.

Due to the certain connection issues, we sometimes experience problems with the station. As this is experimental service, please bear with us.



::News:: 20/05/08

We have added "Last 10 Songs" statistics to the Detroit-Chicago Express  SWE resource. The station is down due to the urgent system maintenance. More information is to follow....



::News:: 12/03/08

Dmitri successfully relocated to Nagoya, Japan. We are now adding more content to the site, including more 3BYK and Stockholm Megamix releases.



::News:: 29/10/07

Today is the shipment day for the items, and we are unable to continue working on the site. We will resume this some time after relocation.


I would personally like to apologise to all our UK friends, as I was unable to meet them before leaving. Past few weeks have been truly hectic and stressful!

I am very sorry about that, and I would love to catch up some time.



::News:: 25/10/07

The new design is ready and we are moving to the new host.

The schedule is tight as Dmitri Reyer prepares to relocate from London to Japan. We apologise for any missing files or broken links.