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 Introduction ::::::::

3BYK (rus. meaning "sound") was founded in 1992 as an Amiga "scene" group. Since none of us were talented programmers, our orientation was mainly music and a tiny bit of graphic design.

It never really took off as such, although we were proud members of Weird Design which eventually became part of X-Trade.

And till this day we suffer from "an occupational injury", so to speak.


3BYK was born as a music production "division" (scene slang). Very fitting descriptive name allowed us to write it using Latin characters while being readable in Russian and keeping its original meaning.

We composed the music using ProTracker and OctaMED tracker programs.


In 1994 thanks to Fredrik "Tiden" Esplund and Robin Söderman & David Westerlund (Antiloop) we were able to work in a multitude of professional studios. Together with Fredrik Esplund, Bunker 101 was created which served as 3BYK official studio until 1999 when Dmitri Reyer relocated to London, UK.

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Our extended gratitude goes to: Robin and David for rescuing our Roland JX8P from VLS Studios and for allowing us to work at Fluid Studios and Rebels Room, and to Fredrik for his hospitality and majority of equipment!

 Part II ::::::::

3BYK Mascot - The Angry Melon Man

Was born as a joke, but the name stuck. The logo has changed dramatically over the years. Original design was a "3" rotated clockwise at 90 degrees.


3BYK now is an online label. We are not restrictive when it comes to music styles or orientations. However, we stick to our favorite genres - detroit and chicago flavored techno, house and electronica.


The idea behind the label is to "color code" the releases. While the idea is neither original nor new, we find it suitable to the 3BYK concept.

This concept combined with the minimal artwork on the record sleeves allows us to suddenly decide to print vinyl record sleeves, keeping the cost low (yes we are a bunch of stingy plonkers) in case there would be a demand.


Following color codes are adopted:

There are special releases planned which will deviate from this design, however the information will be disclosed in the news....