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Stockhom Megamix Sessions project was started by DJ Taco and Enrique Dados back in 1999.
At the peak of activity Stockholm Megamix had over 10 participating DJs and producers.

The project has been idle for over 3 years at this moment. This however doesn't mean that Stockholm Megamix is dead.

Check this page occasionally for updates and/or news.

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DJ Taco

Born in 1975 in Stockholm. His parents are originally from Milano, Italy. Started playing records around 1987 at various parties. He realised that the music is more exciting if you would chop up different tracks in small chunks and build completely new tracks out of it. In 1999 he founded Stockholm Megamix together with Enrique Dados.

DJ Puffy

Born in 1975 in Stockholm. Started mixing records at the age of 11. The starting point was Max Mix 1 he received as a birthday present. First official DJ gigs were at the local youth recreation centres around 1987.

He met up with DJ Taco some time later at a club where he held residency. DJ Puffy joined Stockholm Megamix in 2000.

Enrique Dados

Born in 1975 in sunny Ibiza. In 1989 together with his brother started a club in which he held residency. In 1999 he came to Sweden with the desire to become a sound engineeer. At one of the Stockholm clubs he met DJ Taco, who persuaded Enrique to start producing megamixes.

Mad Skillz

Born in USSR in 1971, he is most unlikely person to join Stockholm Megamix. Moved to Sweden in 1989. He grew up with Italo Disco, but started DJing and producing music around 1994. At the moment he resides in Nagoya, Japan.

Mixmaster Jukka

A mysterious figure indeed. Born in 197? probalby in Sweden, he is retired from Stockholm Megamix having produced only one, but well executed and banging megamix. Will he ever be back? We sincerely hope so!

Tony DeMarco

Born in 1980 in Milano, Italy. Moved to Sweden in 1985. Became interested in mixing at the age of 10 and already then started playing around with cutting up tracks and mixing. Joined Stockholm Megamix around 2001.


Mixes will be available for download later on.